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Eric's Media Presence

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Navigating Safety and Incident Management in Vacation Rentals with Eric Thibodeaux

Recently, Inhaven sat down with Eric Thibodeaux from Safer VRs to discuss Incident Management in the vacation rental industry. Eric Thibodeaux is a Health, Safety, and Environmental expert with over 30 years of experience.

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Maximizing Guest safety in Vacation & Short-Term Rentals w/ Eric Thibodeaux

Join Eric Thibodeaux, expert in safety, fire protection, and loss prevention, on the 13th episode of The Hospitality Edge podcast. Hosted by Sebastian Muñoz, this episode covers topics like global ventures in oil & gas, real estate challenges, M&A strategies, and ensuring safety in vacation rentals.

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Eric Thibodeaux on The No BS Podcast

You're going to be hard-pressed to find someone with more passion and love for the short-term rental space than Eric Thibodeaux, CEO of Safer VR's, Current Tides Vacation Rentals, and HereStays. Eric shares his expertise in enhancing safety and profitability in vacation rentals and discusses his investment strategies.

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Vacation Rental Secrets book

Eric is a guest author in the acclaimed "Vacation Rental Secrets" book. Dive into expert advice and strategies for short-term rentals.

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