I want the Vacation Rental Industry to be the most admired & respected for the exceptional level of safety provided by Owners, so Guests can have great vacation experiences with their Family and Friends.



Hey there!

I’m Eric Thibodeaux, and I help Vacation Rental Managers & Owners craft & improve their Safety & Loss Prevention processes, so they can be more profitable & have more influence & impact through their business by improving the guest's vacation experience.


Our Story

Have you considered how safe your vacation rental properties are?  Are your guest & Owners staying in safe, profitable vacation rentals?  Are you using all of the safety & loss prevention tools & techniques to manage your vacation rentals?

Being both a Vacation Rental Owner & Property Manager, I did, too!   


That’s why I set out to create Safer VRs, and the associated courses, membership and coaching, such as, Awakening Vacation Rental Safety Membership site, so I could provide the coaching, tools, techniques and processes in a community of like-minded vacation rental Owners & Managers to allow us to deliver safe properties for our guests and be financially successful. 


I identified that safety and loss prevention programs and processes are not widely known or offered to vacation rental owners and property managers.  Many Owners and managers are reacting to safety and loss prevention activities only after an incident or unfortunate situation, either occurred in their vacation rental property, or a nearby property.

What We Do

✔️ Like you, I prefer to address the proactive side of safety and loss prevention, however, we need to acknowledge that fires, preventable injuries and illnesses for our guest or Owners, and other losses, are occurring every day in vacation rental properties. 


✔️ One of the key opportunities impacting safety and loss prevention is in regards to our behaviors.  For many years, I have learned, observed and participated in different behavioral safety programs, which tend to have a short term impact, and then there is a return to our previous behaviors. 


✔️ I found an education curriculum, which is science based, does not address the symptoms of our behaviors & really gets to the root, or source, of our thoughts and limiting and subconscious beliefs.  My intention was to learn and apply this to safety and loss prevention, and along the way I discovered so much more and how it has improved my life and business to grow and transform.  



In 2021, I became a certified NeuroCoach. My intention is to help vacation rental owners, property managers and their staff, business leaders supporting the vacation rental industry, realtors, and real estate investors grow and achieve their most awesome goals in life and business.  Transformed people, transform people, and I am excited and honored to work with you or your team.


Along the way, I identified the Vacation / Short Term industry would also benefit from my many years of real estate investing experiences by transferring some of the methods and techniques used in other real estate businesses, to this great industry.  I created the VR Academy and the VR Investor Membership, where we learn and use the power of syndication and passive investors to grow and operate our vacation / short term rental portfolio 

​​​​​So, why choose to Join my Memberships, Courses, or Coaching, and work with me?


I have already mentioned that I am a Vacation Rental Owner and Manager, and I have been doing this since 2003. I have owned 8 vacation rentals since 2003, and own 7 Vacation Rental properties at this time, with another under construction.  My partners and I own and operate Current Tides Vacation Rentals, a property management company.  I know firsthand what you are dealing with every day, as an Owner, Property Manager and Investor.


I am an accomplished real estate investor since 2009, investing in Single Family (over 20 homes), multi-family properties (25+ different communities in multiple states, as either a syndicator or passive investor), 4 medical & office buildings as a passive investor and partner in two property management companies. So, lots of real estate experience, and I understand Owners, Property Managers & Investors from this perspective.


I am a Certified NeuroCoachTM with years of business, real estate ownership, investing and vacation rental owner and property manager experience.  However, here’s the real secret.  The answer(s) to what is holding you back is inside of you.  Say, “Yes”, to yourself to grow.  I believe, I am equipped with everything I need to create every single thing in my life.  You are too. 

Certifications and Education

  • Certified Safety Professional - Board of Certified Safety Professionals, since 1995
  • Certified Hazardous Materials Manager - Institute of Hazardous Material Managers, since 1994
  • Certified NeuroCoachTM – Dr. Shannon Irvine Neurocoaching – 2021.


  • Master Degree in Public Health - Occupational & Environmental Heath from University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1996
  • Bachelor of Science - Fire Protection & Safety Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University in 1991
  • Associate Degrees in Fire Science, Fire & Arson Investigation & Public & Industrial Security from LSU at Eunice in 1988 - 89

Fire & Medical Training

  • National Registered Emergency Medical Technician - Basic for 10 years
  • Firefighter I & II, Fire Instructor II and Fire Officer I in multiple volunteer, paid & industrial fire teams for 20+ years

Work Experience

I have an extensive 30+ year career working in Health, Safety, Environmental and Loss Prevention.  I have worked at multiple levels in an international company from Engineer to Manager.  I have managed departments of 200+ personnel and have worked in both the US and outside the US, primarily in Egypt.  Each location I worked at in my career, I was able to achieve better performance and stronger safety & health programs.  Most all of my roles were to bring my expertise in Health & Safety to improve another part of the business.  

I learned early in my life and safety career that God has called me to serve others in safety and has kept me on this path to arrive to this point now.  I have spent my entire life serving others in safety and health.  Coupled with being a Certified NeuroCoaching, and love for real estate, particularly vacation rentals, I want the best for you, and I know how to help you develop or improve your safety and loss prevention activities and real estate investments. 


Please Join Me and Together We Will Awaken Safety in the Vacation Rental Industry 


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