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Choosing the Right Vacation Rental Safety Consultant

vacation rental safety Jan 08, 2024

Being a vacation rental owner or property manager can be a difficult but extremely rewarding path. While the to-do list can feel endless, having an experienced consultant can make the process seamless.

What lies ahead if you choose to invest in a vacation rental? It starts with listing your property on platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, or your own direct bookings site. From there, your goal is to streamline the process for your guests from booking to check-in. Then, you’re managing ongoing communication and hopefully providing high-quality guest experiences. That doesn’t even include keeping up property maintenance, safety measures, legal compliance, and taxes.

The amount of to-dos may seem daunting but the good news is that the process can be made easier with a safety expert to protect your investment and peace of mind!

We’ve highlighted the benefits of partnering with an experienced safety professional like SaferVRs and will give you a quick checklist of qualifications you may want to consider.


Benefits of Working with a Vacation Rental Safety Expert

As a vacation rental owner, you need to take many safety measures and considerations to safeguard your vacation home and guests. It can be hard to juggle running a business and ensuring you’ve kept all the inner workings up to date. That’s where a vacation rental safety expert comes in.

Here at SaferVRS, we help you manage the small details while simultaneously protecting your investment. Read on for the benefits of investing in safety expertise.


Ensure the Safety and Satisfaction of Your Guests

To be a successful rental property owner or manager, you will need your customers to be satisfied with their stay. Their happiness ensures their repeat business or valuable referrals to other potential visitors.

But true guest satisfaction goes beyond clear communication and fair policies. It also entails protecting your guests from things that could inadvertently ruin their long awaited vacation. This means ensuring you have every possible safety measure to keep your guests comfortable and healthy.

A good vacation rental safety expert can not only help you ensure your guests are safe but also provide you with valuable advice that ensures your guests have the best possible stay. They can walk you through auditing your property's potential safety hazards and help you maintain a high level of preparedness for any potential issues.


Protect Your Assets and Prevent Losses

Half of the battle in property ownership is predicting potential losses before they happen. That sagging tree in the yard? If you overlook it and it later falls on the house, you’re out thousands in repairs and weeks of lost rental income.

Even worse, overlooking small details can cause bodily injury to your guests or even death. No property owner wants to have that sort of thing on their conscience. Hiring a safety expert means you’ve invested in a fresh set of eyes who can see the risks that you cannot. Hiring a safety expert is like investing in a crystal ball that can see potential misfortune and reduce your liability.


Preserve Your Property Value

Maintaining strict safety guidelines, not only protects your guests but your property as well. By mitigating the losses that may occur on your property, you prevent the damage that could come from potential incidents. Property losses can result in structural damage and other problems that can impact the value of your property.

Even worse, these easily avoidable scenarios can damage your reputation as a property owner, costing you precious revenue from potential visitors.


Ensure Compliance with Local Laws and Regulations

A good vacation rental safety expert is knowledgeable in many areas, but perhaps most valuable is their knowledge of laws and regulations governing short term vacation rental ownership. From occupancy laws to liability insurance, it can feel overwhelming.

So often, rental homeowners can be out of compliance in these areas because they simply do not know they exist.However, as the saying goes, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” The government will certainly not hesitate to issue fines or penalties for not being in compliance with all applicable ordinances and laws.

If your safety expert is not familiar with your area, they have a general idea of rules that may exist. Most importantly, they can direct you to the sources you need to verify the regulations and laws specific to your area.


What to Look for in a Vacation Rental Safety Expert

Varied Experience

To manage the details and ensure your investment is protected, you need someone with the discerning eye that comes with years of experience.

Eric Thibodeaux, at SaferVRS, has been a Certified Safety Professional for nearly three decades. Since 1990, Eric has been honing his craft and noticing the details many others skip by. His keen eye for potential hazards and safety risks has saved many business owners thousands of dollars.

Additionally, working with Eric offers the distinct advantage of having a safety expert who is cross certified in other areas. Eric is also a certified NeuroCoach, Hazard Materials Manager and has experience as both an EMT and a firefighter, meaning safety has been a common thread throughout.


Education & Credentials

While real world experience is important, a true professional strives to learn more about their craft. When considering working with a vacation rental safety expert, you should take a look at their educational experience and any credentials they’ve acquired.

Eric has invested many years of study into his field, and his work reflects it. He holds multiple Associate's Degrees, a Bachelor’s Degree, and as well as a Master’s Degree, all building a network of knowledge complimenting his experience in both the safety and loss prevention and vacation rental industry.


Background in Property Management

Anyone can call themselves an expert, but when you need someone truly knowledgeable about the vacation rental business, you’ll need someone who has been there and done it themselves.

In addition to his 30 year career in the Health, Safety, Environmental, and Loss Prevention industry, Eric with SaferVRS also has firsthand experience as a property owner and with the vacation rental market. He owns eight vacation rental properties and has two decades of experience as a rental owner and real estate investor.

His real estate investments have included single and multi-family homes as well as medical and office buildings, giving him insight into many areas of real estate that other safety experts cannot offer. The knowledge and wisdom he’s acquired through the years have helped him set himself apart as an industry expert.


Client Growth and Training Opportunities

A true expert not only wants to guide you in improving your property but also to teach you. When choosing a safety expert, consider those who also offer training opportunities and encourage you to learn more about their practices.

Here at SaferVRS we don’t just offer vacation rental consulting, we also offer courses and coaching that help you to grow as a property owner. Our membership program allows you to connect with other property owners and learn to manage the unique safety needs of your property and business.


Get the Peace of Mind Only an Expert Can Provide

Owning a short-term rental property isn’t for the faint of heart. There’s a lot to juggle, and hiring the right vacation rental safety expert can take a lot off of your proverbial plate. Having a safety expert well versed in loss prevention is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your investment.

Eric Thibodeaux, with SaferVRS, has a background that makes him uniquely equipped to protect your property from potentially devastating loss. Start with our course on 9 Life Saving Rules for Vacation Rental Properties & Businesses for a holistic overview on protecting your investment.

Contact us today to learn more about our pricing and consulting services. We’re here to help you protect your property and peace of mind!


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