Take Time Outs During Work Activity

Jan 18, 2021
Hello everyone. This past weekend we worked at preparing our new Vacation Rental, Phoenix Orange Beach 2 - 1203, in Orange Beach, AL. It is a brand new construction, so we moved in furniture, did punch lists, hung chandelier, mounted TV's and built a Murphy bed.
A few times while we were working. I would say let's stop and check our work area. We had tools and boxes on the floor which was creating trip or fall hazards. We did a quick clean up, rechecked the work area and back to work.
How could I explain we had an injury while preparing our own property. It's okay to do a time out and check the work area, whether we are doing move in, maintenance, or small projects.
Being proactive in creating a safe work environment is much more pleasant topic to write about than an injury or something worse. Take the time you need to work safe. You are in charge of your time. Take care.

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