Make the Check - Don't Experience the Loss

current tides vacation rentals safer vrs vacation rentals Jan 13, 2021
Make Your Vacation Rental Safer
Good morning everyone. The value of unit inspections to reduce the likelihood of losses or impacts to our Vacation Rentals can be huge.
Many times you may check a property and run through your checklist and may not find any issues. However, when you do, it makes you feel glad you completed the check.
We conducted monthly checks on our units. We identified one of the bath tubs had a slow leak, you know drip, drip, drip. Well, the tub drain was closed and the water level was building. We opened the drain and tightened the water handles to stop the leak. No harm or loss.
What if the monthly check was not completed? The water may have overflowed and caused unnecessary water damage.
We are on the Gulf Coast, so some of our units are vacant during the winter. The need to check is even more important.
This is just another proactive step to protect your vacation rentals from losses. Losses don't always come from fire, storms, or damaged property. Develop a process to routinely check your vacation rentals and be consistent in applying it. Have a great day.

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