Fall Arrival & Outdoor Fire Safety at Vacation Rental

Oct 26, 2020
With summer ending and Fall here, there is still time for grilling, using fire pits for smores and hanging out, or maybe even a fire. A fire!!
Yes, when we use open flames out side at our vacation rentals, we have an increased risk of fire potential.
Here are some ideas for being proactive with open flames outside.
  • Do not start open fires under a garage or cover area.
  • Remove all grass, leave, wood or combustible material around the fire.
  • Do not use gasoline to start a fire. Use proper lighter fluids.
  • Have a fire extinguisher or water source available if needed.
  • Observe postings or alerts for open fire bans.
  • Provide guests with rules and expectations when using open fires, and whether it is allowed at your vacation rental.
  • Confirm the fire is completely extinguished and doused with water before going to bed or leaving the area.
Just a few rules to observe and provide to your guests, along with any other rules for your local area.
Being proactive and upfront with your guests on the rules for open fires is the best. Also, include this information in your listing, so it is known as they are searching listings for the right property.
Take care and enjoy the outdoors responsibly.

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