Don't Trip Over This Issue

Jan 11, 2021
Hey everyone. We are in Gulf Shores this week to work on some of properties damaged from Hurricane Sally and get a new property started from new construction.
Even though it has been several months since the Hurricane, there is still work to be completed and not enough workers. The new property is Phoenix Orange Beach 2, and we are excited to get it ready for guests this Spring.
Since all of our properties are booked or being worked on, we rent another property nearby. We pulled into the property parking and it was so dark and no lights. We could not see the property numbers and the parking was tight.
I immediately thought Why Don't they have good lighting out here? We were able to find the spot and park safely. Some of the lights were on a timer, but may not have been adjusted for the winter months.
Check your property for adequate lighting. Guests arriving at night are subject to trip hazards. Adjust timer lighting for the seasonal changes, or use sensors to activate the lights.
Being proactive and providing good lighting safeguards your guests and protects your business.

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