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Bunk Bed Problem

Uncategorized May 09, 2021
Good morning all & Happy Mother's Day.

It has been busy and I have not posted in awhile, so I am getting back into the groove.

This past week we walked a property with some new Owners that put a new vacation rental under contract. We toured the property with them to discuss the potential it has and how we can help manage it in Current Tides Vacation Rentals.

I walked into one of the bedrooms to find a great bunk bed. However, the bunk bed was set too close to the ceiling fan. We discussed how to rearrange the room to keep the top bunk person from being struck by the ceiling fan blades.

I was the 4th person to walk in the room, but was the only one to immediately recognize the potential hazard. Hazard recognition is key for our vacation rental owners and managers. It is is a skill to develop and learn.

When the hazard is identified, we need to take proactive steps to remove the hazard or mitigate the likelihood of the hazard impacting our guests. In this case, the new owners will rearrange the furniture.

Being proactive and incorporating safety reviews as part of our work is key. New Owners are always excited about their new purchase and ready to get it rented. Taking time to check for safety and loss prevention issues needs to be an initial step in the Owner take over process.

Let us know how you are incorporating safety reviews in your new owner onboarding. As always check us out at www.safervrs.com where we are working to provide more tools for the vacation rental owner and manager.

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