Consulting & Expert Safety Testimony Services


An opportunity exists to improve the safety and loss prevention of vacation / short term rentals.  Safety & loss prevention in the vacation / short term rentals is the most important issue to address in this industry.  Everything starts and ends with the safety of the guest, owners, employees and contractors. 


Eric created Safer VR’s for this very purpose.  Safer VR’s offers information, education, community, training and Transformational Thinking to provide the Vacation / Short Term Rental industry a full set of tools and capabilities to deliver safer stays for guests and improve and safeguard the revenue generated by your business. 


Please review the course, membership & coaching options available



Below are two consulting offers to work with Safer VRs, and take advantage of Eric’s unique combination of safety & loss prevention knowledge & experience, Safety & Environmental Advocacy experience, vacation rental ownership, property management, NeuroCoachingTM and business experience.

Safety, Fire Protection & Loss Prevention Consulting

Provide consulting services for Owners, Property Management companies, or others to improve their safety and loss prevention programs, including development of programs and training, based upon identified scope of work.

Expert Testimony / Witness Services

Provide safety & loss prevention expert testimony for accidents or incidents involving a vacation / short term rental property, property management company, or owner or guest concerns. Will provide services for plaintiff or defendant, after a review of the case and situation. Will not provide services if the plaintiff or defendant is a participating member of one of the Safer VR memberships.

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